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Beijing Restaurant Recommendations

Some people travel for the food.  I’m not one of those people.  I travel for the sights and the shopping!  While I am not big into food, I certainly have some places to recommend that are popular among others.  While living here in Beijing, I’m not a fan of Asian food (it just doesn’t agree with me), so it’s fortunate that there are plenty of Western choices as well.

  • Great Leap is a local Western brewery that has three locations-one for pizza, one for burgers, and one for beer
    • Great Leap Pizza is one of the best pizza places we’ve found here (but it’s not quite like at home I must say)
    • Great Leap Burgers are delicious!  I thought the fries were ok, but that burger was yummy and so was the cookie dessert!
    • Great Leap Brewery is so cute (and tiny!).  It’s located in the Hutongs, so it definitely has a cool atmosphere where you can sit outside when it’s nice out.  There is no food served here, but you can order delivery (aka Take Away). Just a heads-up though if you go to this location, be prepared for the public toilets.
  • Arrow Factory is another brewpub.  It’s not big but has a nice selections of sandwiches.  I like the quiet street where it’s located.
  • Taco Bar is a favorite among people here.  The queso was good to start and my salad wasn’t bad.  The drinks are tasty.  It’s located in the popular area of Sanlitun.
  • Lily’s American Diner is where we had our Thanksgiving dinner delivered from.  It’s a nice looking restaurant with good food.
  • Crepanini is one of my new favorites (another restaurant in Sanlitun).  I love the dulce de leche crepe with whipped cream.  It’s quick for delivery!
  • Tube Station is another good pizza place with one located at the Solana Mall.  Only order a large pizza is you have a big group!
  • Fatburger you may have heard of if you’ve been out West.  The burgers are good.
  • If you’re looking for some Chinese food, BaoYuan and Mr. Shi’s Dumplings are both popular dumpling places.
  • There are also some popular places to get Peking Duck (DaDong).
    • Did you know that some people like to dip the duck skin in sugar and then eat it?
    • Did you know that you eat duck like a taco? (you put it in a tortilla with some sauce and a cucumber and something white)
  • There are a ton more restaurants that others love which you might too!  Again, food’s just not my thing. 😉
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