Time for adventure


While my language skills are lacking, I feel I know enough key words to get by well enough.  Here are some phrases that I have found useful!

  • Hello
    • Nihao (knee how)
  • Thank you
    • xiexie (she she)
  • I don’t understand.
    • Wo bu dong. (wo boo dong)
  • I don’t know.
    • Wo bu zhidao. (wo boo shee dow).
  • I’m sorry.
    • dubuqi (di bo tchi)
  • Please
    • qing (tching)
  • I would like…(show picture, etc.)
    • wo yao (wo yow)
  • I don’t want. **great to say when out touring and people keeping trying to sell you things.
    • Wo bu yao. (wo boo yow)
  • How much?
    • duoshao qian (dO sh/ow/ sheein)
  • I’m just looking.
    • Wo zhishi kankan. (wo ger sher kon kon)
  • This one.
    • Zhege (ger guh)

Taxi phrases:

  • I would like to go…(show picture/map/etc.)
    • wo yao qu (wo yow choo)
  • Turn left
    • Wang zuo gui (wang zo gwI)
  • Turn right
    • wang yo gui (wang you gwI)
  • We’ve arrived.
    • Daole (dao la)
  • Stop.
    • Ting. (ting)

Numbers:  Learning the numbers is good to know and pretty easy.  It’s just when you start using the numbers in sentences that you then have to add measure words.  Instead of just saying you want one ___ (yi ___), you have to add a measure word (yi ge ___).  I’m still working on those!  The same goes for colors too.  It not just black (hei), it’s heise de.

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