Time for adventure


Welcome to my blog!  I am a former first grade teacher turned trailing spouse.  My husband’s job has brought us (and our two dogs) to Beijing, China!

This blog shares our experiences moving to and living in another country along with all the adventures we take.  If you find yourself experiencing a huge change (like moving across the world), this blog may be of help.  If you find yourself one day visiting Beijing, check out some of my tips and recommendations.  If you are just interested in seeing what it’s like on this side of the world, check it out!  At the bottom each of blog post, you find a TOTE which stands for “thought of the entry”. 🙂  You’ll also get some quick history lessons on the different sights we visit as shared by my husband Ben.

It’s time for adventure!

The Great Wall
How many people get to say they’ve climbed the Great Wall–more than once?

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*Most of the pictures on this site are thanks to my husband, Ben Tucker Photography.

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