I never got around to publishing this before our time in Beijing came to an end.  Written well over a year ago, here you go!  It’s interesting all the things you learn (and really appreciate) when living outside your home country.


I can’t believe our time here in Beijing is already coming to an end.  It’s been such an incredible experience.  I’m so glad that we had the opportunity to come here.

What I’ll Miss:

  • Adventures to the Great Wall.
    • We saw over 12 different sections and visited the wall 20+ times.  That probably was the highlight of our time here.
  • Outings around the City.
    • It was cool seeing all the history in this city from the Forbidden City to the Temple of Heaven.
  • Shopping!
    • The markets were always a fun place to shop.  From clothes to jewelry to furniture, I sure did have fun!
  • Friends.
    • We made some amazing friends while living here.  I’m sure our paths will cross again.
  • Cheap transportation.
    • Taxis and subways were so cheap and easy (for the most part) to use.
  • Our home.
    • We had a fabulous house in an awesome location.

What I Won’t Miss:

  • SLOOOOOOOWWW Internet.
    • Can’t wait to do something without it being at the speed of dial-up.
    • Can’t wait to have consistent blue skies and clean air!
  • Lack of space.
    • Less people with more awareness of their surroundings.

Sorry in advance…

  • If I push to get on/off the elevator/escalator/etc.
    • It may take a bit of time to break me from the need to be sure that I get on before the rest of the crowd.
  • If I stare at you dumbstruck when you let me (as a pedestrian) cross the street.
    • Don’t mind me as I constantly look around to be sure that a car, scooter, bike, etc. isn’t going to run me over.
  • If I honk at you…
    • It’s not being rude, it’s just me letting you know I’m there. 😉

TOTE:  Living in another country gives you a new perspective on things.  It also may give you some bad habits that you need to break. 🙂