We went on our first road trip!!  We did a short weekend trip to Plovdiv, Bulgaria.  Plovdiv is only about a 4.5 hour drive from Istanbul.  The highways are super easy to drive on, not crowded at all, with plenty of rest stops along the way (some a little nicer than others).

We stopped about halfway at Edirne, just before crossing the border.  Crossing the border was easy too.  After crossing through, we only had about a 90 minute drive to Plovdiv.  There was not much to see during the 90 minutes (well, besides the pretty scenery).

We went in the beginning of November and the weather was just perfect.  Plus, the leaves were still colorful.

We even managed to fit in a short hike one day to a waterfall!

Plovdiv is such a cute city.  Coming from Istanbul, it’s a very small and quiet city of about 300,000 people.  I fell in love.  It was so fun walking around the Old Town and just seeing all the history there.

This city has so much history.  And it’s all a short walk from one another.

We also did a little day trip one day to the Bachovo Monastery and Assen’s Fortress.  I especially loved Assen’s Fortress.  It was fun to climb around and see the views.

And since pepperoni is hard to come by in Istanbul, I had the best pizza while in Plovdiv. 🙂


Plovdiv is a city I can definitely recommend.  The people were nice (and we had no trouble getting around…most people seem to know English).