There are so many sights outside of the immediate city to visit.  Now that we have our car, it makes it that much easier.  Plus, the dogs get to join us for these outings!  All the places that we have visited have been roughly 30 minutes from the city.

  1. Polonezkoy:  I heard about this small Polish village from someone, so we decided to check it out.  It’s only about a thirty minute drive over to the Asian side.  While there didn’t seem to be too much of a town (and virtually no parking aside of the main street), we drove a little further and ended up in the Polonez Garden.  It was such a neat and unexpected find!  It was a big park with lots of picnic tables around.  Here, they provided you with a full Turkish breakfast (brought straight to your picnic table).  We all have fun on this outing!
  2. Sile: Only about a thirty minute drive away, this place had some old remnants of a fortress.
  3. Riva: This is a popular beach town in the summer.  I thought it was a great time to visit during the fall since there were very few people there!
  4. Kisirkaya:  This has probably been my favorite area that we’ve explored so far outside of the city.  I loved that it was quiet (and there was only one street dog near the beach but he didn’t come on it unlike in Riva where there were a ton).  Before we got down to the beach here, there were a bunch of people horseback riding on the beach.  Fun!

  5.  Garipce:  This is another fortress that is about a 30-40 minute drive north of the city.  It overlooks this cute town.  What’s neat about this one is that you can walk down and inside of it.

    6. Rumeli Fortress:  This is an other neat fortress to check out only about a 30 minute drive north.  This one is neat how it has a more horseshoe design.

    7.  Yoros Castle:  Located on the Asian side, this was neat to check off but it would probably be my least favorite of all the stops we’ve had…there’s just not quite as much here.