I think it’s important to sometimes take a moment and step back to look at something from a different perspective.


As we were planning our trip to New Zealand, we kept going back and forth as to when we wanted to visit.  When we were talking about summertime (New Zealand summer, so our winter), we heard from people, “Oh, don’t go then, it’s way too crowded”.  Hmm-is it really crowded or isn’t it?  Is it China crowded or more normal crowded?  All things to consider.  Since being in China, sometimes the crowds aren’t so bad (at least not to us).  We ended up going to NZ at the tail-end of summer, and it was great.  I was surprised that in several towns we visited, there were no vacancies.  I guess the rooms did fill up but the area did not seem to be overrun by people.


When shopping in China, so many times, you have to barter for the price (just tell me what the price is already!).  It’s interesting when (if you choose) to share how much you paid for something compared to someone else.  What I might pay for something (and I found it to be an excellent price), someone else may think that I way overpaid.  People have different ideas on how much something should be and how much they should spend on something.

It goes back to my one post on Thailand about the taxis.  Do I really want to waste my time arguing over $2 or do I just want to get on with my day quickly.  It’s all in how you choose to look at something and what is important to you.


Talking with people back home complaining about a rainy day…I would gladly switch my warmer “overcast” day for your rainy day (you can have the pollution!).  While I may think it is way too hot to go out and do something, someone else may think the weather is just right for exploring.


Everyone has their own thoughts and ideas on things.  Our experiences lead us to have these differing opinions.  And you know what?  That’s alright.  It’s cool that we can each have a different idea about something.  We just need to respect it (and maybe learn something from each other).  Maybe I shouldn’t complain too hard because I’m sure someone has it worse than me…

TOTE:  Two people can be living in the same place and have two completely different experiences.  We all live life differently.