I was fortunate for work to have to head to KL for a training.  While my days were filled with meetings and such, I made to sure to use my evenings wisely so I could explore as much of the city as possible.

To start off, I opted to take the overnight flight from Beijing to KL.  This way, I landed in KL in the morning and would have most of the day to explore the city (especially since some of the places I wanted to see would be closed by the time work was done during the week).

After landing and checking into the hotel, my friend and I went out to explore the city!


Batu Caves

I’m so glad that we got there early or else we may have missed out on the opportunity to see Batu Caves because it was located on the other side of the city from where we were staying.

There were a fair amount of people there and it was a bit warm, but really it was a nice, sunny day to be there.  Side note:  If you do go, be sure to wear something that covers your knees.  If not, they give you a wrap to wear.

Once we got some pictures at the bottom, we then started our climb up to the top.  All along the way, there were lots of monkeys around.  While we got to see some in Thailand, I thought it was cool seeing them again here!  While it says to not feed the monkey, people of course were still feeding the monkeys.  What can you do.

I thought once we got to the top of the stairs, that would be pretty much it, but then it opened up into this large cavern.  It was a lot more than I expected.  With some more stairs deeper inside (and a lot more monkeys!), we got some cool views of the caves.

I really am glad that we found the time to do this.  After we finished hiking to the top, we then saw you could take a tour inside a different part of the cave.  However, due to time constraints, we opted against that (plus, the waiting area for the tour smelled too much of monkey!).  We did, however, find another little cave to walk through at the bottom of the stairs and then to the right.

KL Bird Park

After we checked out Batu Caves and a bit of that area, we then got a taxi to head to the KL Bird Park, which is the largest walk-in aviary.  Side note:  for whatever reason, uber did not want to work on my phone (hard when the country you currently live in no longer uses it), so we had to barter for a taxi.  At least I’ve had practice doing that here!

Anyways, going to the Bird Park was a cool experience!  There were lots of birds just wandering around the park itself, but there were still some enclosures asa well.  For some, you had to walk through a door that open up into an enclosure with birds flying all around you.

They had some really interesting birds there.  I loved the Ibis.  Some birds slept in a way I’ve never seen before.

After thought:  I was in KL before I went to Sydney, but after having visited Sydney as well now, I think that Sydney is its very own walk in aviary–no cages needed whatsoever.  There are ibises and cockatoos and so many other birds flying free around the city.  That was cool.

KL Butterfly Park

From the Bird Park, we did a short walk over to the KL Butterfly Park.  While it was getting close to closing time, I’m glad we found the time for this!  I’ve never been to a butterfly garden before, so this was neat experience for me.  You walk into this huge greenhouse filled with so many butterflies.  We must have made it at the right time because the butterflies were pretty active.  It was neat walking around and seeing the different flowers they made available for the butterflies.

Afterwards, we walked through the building where they had different bugs on exhibit–yuck!  Bugs aren’t exactly my favorite thing.

With that, we ended our first day in KL.

KL Tower

One evening adventure we had early on was to visit the KL Tower.  This wasn’t originally on my plans but another girl from our training session wanted to go.  I looked it up and was then interested in going.  There was a group of us who went after work one day.  We were trying to get up to the top before sunset, but due to the crazy traffic, we got there just as the sun had set.  It still was an awesome sight.

We opted to go to the very top to the open air viewing deck.  I’m so glad we paid a little bit more for this.  Some many places with awesome views are then blocked by windows…but not here.  The KL Tower provided some awesome views of the city.

We walked around the top and waited in line at two of the different sky boxes.  Here you could look down and see the city below as well as around you.

After we checked out the tower, we then found this awesome latin place for dinner.  The views were incredible!  That’s what is so neat about KL, so many of these places have these awesome views.  I also loved being able to eat outside and enjoy the weather along with the views.

It definitely was a fun evening!

Petronas Towers

On another evening, we went to the more famous Petronas Towers.  To access these, you actually go inside a mall and then to the basement.

We had a Malay dinner first (I actually thought Chinese food was a little better) before going to the tower.  This was a large group this time but timing worked out well for everything.

We took the elevators up and up and up some more to get to the bridge that connects the towers.  I loved how it wasn’t crowded as they limit the number of people there and how long you stay.

After that we went up, up, and up some more to the top.  Again, some awesome views.  We could even see the KL Tower where we had been on an earlier night.

I must say, I preferred the KL Tower to the Petronas Towers.  It may be because we had a gorgeous evening when we went to the KL Tower, unlike the little drizzle of rain for the Petronas Towers.  However, I think it was because the KL Tower had that open air observation deck.  That was just awesome.

What Else

We got some cool views of the city, but we also got some great shopping in!  We went to the Central Market not once, but twice!  There were so many fun clothes at great prices.


We had a great last evening in KL.  We went to the Heli Lounge, which is a helipad during the day and a bar at night.  You go into this office building, go up to the very top to the restaurant, and then buy a drink before going up to the rooftop for some more amazing views of the city.  Fortunately, we got there in time for a nice drink and nice views.  Unfortunately, it looked like a storm was getting ready to roll through, so when everyone’s hair started sticking up, that was our cue to leave.

We ended up back in the Chinatown area again where we had dinner (and tried durian-ew) a previous night).  This time, there were so many different performances for the Chinese Lantern Festival.  We stayed and watched the lion dance, so it was cool.  Since Beijing didn’t allow fireworks this year for Chinese New Year, I liked seeing the fireworks there in KL.

TOTE: Even if your time is limited, make the time to explore!