We are lucky enough to have our two small dogs with us here in Beijing.  Our two ten-pound pups make the perfect city dogs.  Fortunately, they don’t require huge amounts of space or tons of exercise…but that doesn’t mean that they don’t like to get out and explore.

Dog Friendly…Or Not

We wish that we could take the pups with us to more places but so many places here in the city do not allow dogs.  There is a great park right nearby us but it’s unfortunately not dog friendly.  I guess to keep the parks and sights looking good, it helps to keep out dogs. 😦

Needless to say, I’ve done research and have found spots for us to explore with our dogs.

The Canal Walk(s)


When the pups like to get outside of our neighborhood (which is still plenty of walking for them),we take to the streets of Beijing and head to the canal for a nice big loop in the bigger neighborhood.

Our two dogs love their car rides though, so whenever we can get out for a ride and a walk, it makes for a good day.

There is another section of the canal that we drive to and it’s a little bit quieter and easier for Maya to walk there.

IMG_1486We also took them on a shorter drive over to Shunyi where we walked along the canal there and in that neighborhood, but we’ve found better places than that that are also closer.



Heading Out of Downtown

In a previous blog post, I mentioned how I found some recommendations of places to take your dog to.  IMG_1600We drove about an hour or so outside of the city to the mountains to hike there at the Jiufu Forest.  That was a nice hike and I’d definitely go back on a clearer and cooler day.FDE8A71C-431A-49E6-B51A-F2A8C403CCEB

We took the dogs to the Huanghuacheng section of the Great Wall.  IMG_1536This is definitely dog friendly although most of the pups ended up hanging down by the water and not actually up on the Wall.  This is probably the only section we’ll take our dogs to as the other sections we’ve been to are either too touristy or too challenging for our guys.

Downtown Finds

Ben and I have pretty much seen all the major sites here in Beijing, so I’ve created a list for us of things that are cool (supposedly) to see but not a lot of people check them out.  Unfortunately, most items on the list involve a bit of a drive out of the city, so it’ll take time for us to explore each of them.

However, this past weekend, Ben wanted to get out since it was so nice but I didn’t feel like going for a long drive.  He suggested taking the dogs somewhere, so I looked up some new places for us to explore.

I found a list of four recommended parks that are all dogs friendly (and all about a 20 minute drive from us!).

Dongfeng Park

We decided to check our Dongfeng Park first.  This was a nice park.  It was quick and easy to drive to and there was a parking lot!  I also liked the fact that there were bathrooms right there (and throughout the park).

Another plus for this park was that it was not crowded!!  Anytime you can easily walk around the city, it’s a positive.

It was a bit warmer of a day (but no where near the heat that we’ve had), so we could take the pups for a careful exploration.


We just started walking and came upon a small lake and then some interesting structures that they use(or used to use) for weddings).

I think the pups enjoyed this outing and I would definitely recommend it for a whole family outing. 🙂


Next Time

We still need to explore the other parks, so stay tuned.  It’s nice to explore these new areas with the pups.

TOTE:  Anytime your furry family members can join you, it’s a good day.