The Ming Tombs are located out by a couple portions of the Great Wall.  I know there are people who like to do the Great Wall at Mutianyu or Badaling and then go to the Ming Tombs.  I’m glad that we did these on a separate day.

There are 13 Ming Tombs but only three are open to the public along with the Sacred Way.  There is Changling (the biggest), Dingling (the one with the palace underground you can visit), and Zhaoling (the most renovated).  The Sacred Way is also a place to visit with large stone structures lining the way.DSC_7368

If you’re into history and have the time, the Ming Tombs are great to visit.  If you’re not too into history or you don’t have the time, I wouldn’t say these are a must do.

The nice thing about the tombs is that they are all located within 5-10 minutes of each other but…you do need to have a car or driver to do them.  It’s easy to drive between each of them though if you do it.

Changling is huge and there is a tomb underneath but you can visit it.  Dingling was interested traveling 8 flights down to see the palace underground.  The Sacred Way was an interesting walk with the different stone figures along the way.