Ben and I finally made it to the mountains that we always see in the distance.  Since we received our car, we have enjoyed getting out on the weekends.  It’s especially nice when we can take the dogs with us.  We already explored one park/canal with them, so we decided to try the Jiufeng National Forest Park that was close by and recommended as one of Beijing’s Top Dog Excursions.

It was about an hour away, but a nice, easy drive getting to the park.  When we drove up we first passed a nice paved parking area but we opted to drive a little further based on signs and our GPS.  Just a little more down the road, we turned right and ended up in a gravel parking lot.  We paid the attendant who was kind enough to direct us where to go with the dogs.  Apparently, we didn’t have to/weren’t allowed to go on the side with the ticket booth, so we just walked up a road that led to the mountain.  We weren’t quite sure where we were going since our Chinese is not so good (the guy was trying to be so helpful with directions), but we passed another dog, so we were hopeful that we were heading in the right direction.

We finally found a path in the woods and took that up into the woods.  I really enjoyed this and Rikki did too (our one dog).  Maya (our other dog) was a bit hot and it was harder for her since she’s blind.  Ben wanted more photo ops.  After a bit on that trail, we ended back on a paved road.  We could have continued up the mountain path but opted to walk along the road to loop back down as it was getting too hot.

We walked along and then found a more established path leading down (and a few more people here).  Once to the bottom, we found out we ended up in that paved parking lot we first passed.  (I also saw a sign at the bottom that said no dogs, so I guess it depends on where you walk as to where dogs are allowed, but we had no issues).  We walked through the parking lot and took a path that led up back to our car.

I’d love to come back and hike some more on a cooler day.  It just got to hot with the pups.  There seems to be a temple (or something similar) at the top that would be cool to hike to.


TOTE:  Don’t overdo it.