Since our car arrived, we decided to do some more exploring of the surrounding areas of Beijing!  Our two dogs were certainly happy about getting our car because they love their car rides and exploring places with us.  I looked up online different places in the Beijing area that are dog friendly.  After visiting a park last weekend just outside of the 6th Ring Road, we decided to visit a new section of the Great Wall this weekend since it was dog friendly.

Pictured below:  Beijing Tongzhou Grand Canal from last weekend

The Lakeside Great Wall at Huanghuacheng

We were fortunate enough to have a gorgeous day to explore the Great Wall.  The temperature was perfect spring weather and the air quality was great!  The dogs were very excited to join us on our adventure for the day.

It was about a 90 minute drive (maybe 2 hours depending on traffic) to the Huanghuacheng section of the Great Wall.  Huanghuacheng means Yellow Flower Great Wall as this section is known for all the (can you guess) yellow flowers.  I guess we just missed out on the blooms this season as it was pretty much green there.  It was still pretty nonetheless!

Third Section Visited

So far we have visited three sections of the Great Wall:  Mutianyu, Jinshanling, and now, Huanghuacheng.

  • Mutianyu is the most touristy out of the three we have seen (we’ve heard Badaling is the most touristy and most rebuilt).  However, this one is a great place for getting a feel of the Great Wall while having fun with some of the extras there like the cable car and the toboggan. When you’re there, you really do need to pay to take the bus from the parking lot up closer to the cable cars.  That’s the biggest downfall for that section I feel because you aren’t right by the wall (well, unless you plan to do A LOT of hiking).
  • Jinshanling was my favorite part so far to see so much of the Great Wall.   The drive there is easy, but not exciting at all (it’s basically all interstate).  I do like that this was a super quiet section of the Wall and you are right there.  No cable car needed (although there is one that operates during in season).  The Wall stretches in so many directions here.
  • Huanghuacheng was definitely a different feel than the other sections as it is surrounded by all that water.  This was great since we could take our dogs.  We actually saw lots of dogs there (not on the wall but down by the water).  It was a fun hike as you walked along the Wall for a bit and then ended up by the Submerged Great Wall section and walked down by the water.  There we had a break for lunch before continuing up another section of the Great Wall.  We then looped back to the parking area by the wooded trail.

More Thoughts on Huanghuacheng

There were a lot more people here than I had expected.  The Wall itself wasn’t so crowded but there were lots of people (lots of families) hanging out by the water.

Dogs on the Wall

Maya and Rikki love going on adventures too.

Maya can struggle since she is blind with one eye, but you can see how happy she is with us.  She’s quite content being carried by me. 😉  IMG_1546I’ve ordered a dog backpack to carry her in but it unfortunately didn’t arrive in time for this hike, so I used a different carrier with her at the end of our hike.  She can’t do steps at all, so that meant I was carrying her for good stretches of our hike (10 pounds gets heavy, especially at the end of the hike!).

Rikki (our Chihuahua mix) always starts our walks with so much energy and enthusiasm. IMG_1516 We started him on the leash to begin with but as we reached the Wall and started climbing up and down the steps, I quickly found it may not be the safest option for either of us (or other people).  I let him off the leash, and he was fantastic.  He was also super fast to get up the steps, so I had a great workout as I kept up with him while carrying Maya.

Rikki only needed to be carried a bit for the last part of the climb up as some of the steps were super tall.  He also was about done with any steps on our way back and enjoyed being carried for a little break.

Maya and Rikki are also great to have along because they make a great excuse to take a break.  We definitely took lots of breaks along the way (so the pups could catch their breath of course).

Overall, Maya and Rikki did excellent and you can just tell that they had so much fun.  I love doing outings when the dogs can join us-even if it may add some extra challenges, I know they’re happy with us. 🙂

TOTE:  Every section of the Great Wall is so different.  I look forward to exploring even more!