Since Ben and I have seen most that has been recommended to us (we still have plenty more to see), we decided to go check out the Beijing Zoo.

Heading There

It was a good air day and not too terribly cold.  We took the metro to get there since there is a stop for the Beijing Zoo.  It is a long subway ride there-just over an hour but it takes you right there.

The Exhibits

We easily got our tickets and headed inside.  We paid the extra 4 kuai to see the Giant Panda exhibit-definitely worth it.  We started off with the Giant Pandas in case it got crowded later on.  There were definitely crowds at the zoo but it wasn’t all that bad-it’s still off season.  I can’t imagine what it’ll be like during peak season!  I feel so fortunate that we can do all this sightseeing on the off season.


The Giant Pandas were just so cute.  Some of them were snoozing and then some of them were just enjoying munching on their bamboo.  The one panda was just laying on his back munching away.  All the pandas were in separate enclosures so I was curious as to why they didn’t have a buddy with each other but they all seemed happy.



My Favorites

To be honest, I didn’t think I would like the zoo at all.  The last time I went to the zoo back in D.C., I wasn’t too impressed–I guess things look different through the eyes of the child.  However, I thought this was a pretty nice zoo.

The Beijing Zoo is one of the largest in China (if not the largest).  It’s huge and broken up into different sections.  You can easily spend a day here.

I loved all the baby animals we got to see!  img_1118There were some young cubs who were playing.  The one bear cub loved sitting and getting the attention.  He then picked a fight with a slightly older cub who chased him around.
It was fun to watch them.

The baby monkey was super cute too.
He kept trying to keep up with his mama who has better climbing skills than him at the moment.  He tried so hard to carry a stick up with him, but couldn’t do it until his mom came to help.

The baby giraffe was also so cute (and still so big).  Baby animals in general are just so cute and fun to watch. 🙂


We had a nice day visiting.  I would recommend it to someone only if they have the extra time.  There’s plenty of other things to see here in Beijing.  This zoo reminded me of other zoos I’ve been to, so nothing out of the ordinary.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a souvenir, the zoo’s prices are reasonable but if you leave by taking subway entrance B (it’s straight out from the zoo) and walk down, you enter this underground mall area (that was interesting).  You’ll find a little better prices there.  And then the subway is just one floor lower.

TOTE:  Please be sure to follow the rules of the zoo–like don’t feed the animals and don’t bang on the glass.