Our friends invited us along with them to explore another part of the Great Wall.  We were excited to take advantage of the good air and nice day to visit the Jinshanling section of the Great Wall.  This part is still considered to be in Beijing but it’s the furtherest out.  It took about 2 hours by car to get there.  It was an easy drive though on quiet highways.


What a sight!

As we were pulling up to the Great Wall, it is always just such an amazing sight!  I feel so fortunate that we have the opportunity to visit the Great Wall more than just once and we get to explore different sections of it.

Because it was a weekday when we went and because it’s still winter and because this one is further out, there was hardly anyone there!  It was fantastic!

Different Sections of the Wall

So the three main sections of the Great Wall in Beijing are Badaling, Mutianyu, and Jinshanling (well, there are more we have yet to explore!).

  • Badaling
    • We haven’t been to the Badaling section yet but here it’s not worth it due to it being a complete tourist trap with the wall completely rebuilt and so many people since it’s the closest to the city.
  • Mutianyu
    • Mutianyu was great when we visit as it wasn’t crowded, and this part is cool because they have the cable car and toboggan option!  It’s only about an 1-1 1/2 from the city.
  • Jinshanling
    • I must say though, that I think the Jinshanling section is my favorite so far!  For one, no crowds is always huge plus!  760e2d58-35e9-4a17-ab4f-9db4590893a3It’s about a 2 hour drive, so it sees the least amount of people.  Some sections are also not redone, so it’s really cool to check out!

Why Jinshanling?

No crowds and the nice hiking made this a favorite for me!  I liked that it was such a nice walk up to the actual wall.  At Mutianyu, you have to take the shuttle bus from the little town to get to the bottom part of the wall where you still have to walk up to then either take the cable car up or hike if you dare!  When we went to Jinshanling, the cable car was not running so we thought we might be in for a death march, but it was such a nice walk up to the wall and it was no problem at all.img_1028

Once you get to the top, like at Mutianyu, you have to figure out which way you want to go.  We just pick a direction and go for it.  With Mutianyu, it seemed that you went left or right and that was it.  There, we walked left as far as you could (it was eventually blocked off from you continuing further).  There, was that huge section you had the climb up essentially.  At Jinshanling, there were so many options-not just left or right.  We went left and then you had options along the way as to continue straight or turn.  We have much more exploring left to do there!  This was also a great hike but it was straight up.

img_1018If you head to the Great Wall, consider packing a lunch.  It was so cool to sit on top of the wall and enjoy the views as we had our lunch. 🙂




Next trip?

We still need to go back to Mutianyu to take the toboggan down from the top (it was too cold when we went).  We also will be back to Jinshanling to explore some more.  Finally, we want to check out some other sections still like the one that ends at the water.


TOTE:  Explore as much as you can if you’re able to and take the path that calls to you!