The weekends we use for exploring.  I decided to show Ben the Silk Street Market one morning.  It’s a popular place for shopping for different goods from clothing to purses to sunglasses to toys to household items.  There is also bartering involved.  Look for another blog post about the markets!  As shopping isn’t Ben’s thing, we just did a quick walk through there before walking over to the Temple of the Sun Park (Ritan Park).  A lot of parks here seem to have more than one name.

Temple of the Sun Park/Ritan Park

This was a nice quiet park in a quiet area of the city.  I can imagine it’s gorgeous during the other seasons, so we hope to go back.

We entered one entrance and exited out a different side.

From there, we walked to explore the Wal-mart.  Yes, yes.  Ben wanted to see what it was like compared to the ones back home.  I’ll tell you in a minute because before we made it to the Wal-mart, something across the street caught my eye.  We decided to check it out and found out it was another temple (there are so many around!).

Dongyue Temple

This was a cool temple.  They were renovating it, so it was super quiet.  It was interesting because they had all these different sections form a u-shape around it.  Each section displayed a scene with characters representing a different department.


Welcome to Wal-mart

After we finished up at the temple, we walked back across the street to the Wal-mart. To enter the Wal-mart, you had to go down to the basement level.  It was small and had some things that a Wal-mart might have (household items, food, etc.).  I wasn’t too impressed and definitely don’t need to go back, especially if I have other options closer to me. There’s apparently a better Wal-mart elsewhere in the city, but I don’t think I’ll be exploring that one. 😉

TOTE:  Go exploring and see what you find!