Wangfujing is a street food market that serves a lot of “Chinese Delicacies” such as grilled cockroaches, scorpions, snakes, squid/octopus, starfish and many other unknown items.

When Ben first heard that there was a street market, before known as the Night Market, he was super excited to check it out.  He showed me some Youtube videos on this Night Market before we even arrived in China, so we of course had to check it out.

As I was doing some research, I read that the Night Market had been shut down in the summer.  So that was disappointing to read, but we still decided to check out the Wangfujing area nonetheless.

There is a metro stop right there, called Wangfujing.  You exit right inside a mall and then walk across a little road to get to the main shopping area.  Ben and I headed there to get a phone card for me.  As we were leaving, something caught our eye.  We walk over and to our surprise, we found the street food!

So apparently, the Night Market still happens, but it happens during the day as well.  Maybe there were more vendors in the past, but there was still plenty to see.

Ben and I have not ventured to try any of the street food.  Eating strange foods is not my thing, but I have heard from a friend who had family members try the scorpions say they taste like fried chicken skins.  Go for it if you dare!

TOTE:  Maybe you’ll find a new favorite food if you give it a try!