Happy New Year! The New Year means making a resolution, right? Well, one of my resolutions this year is to start a blog, so here it goes!

Before we look to 2017, it sometimes helps to reflect back on the previous year.  2016 brought a ton of changes to my world.

  • I celebrated my first wedding anniversary (yay!)
  • My one dog lost her eye due to glaucoma (boo-no problem for her though!)
  • I put a break on my teaching career (where I always thought I’d be…)
  • My horse went out on lease (oh how I miss him but he’s happy at his new barn!)
  • Oh, yeah, and we moved across the world to China! (I never thought I’d live in a foreign country and look at me now!).

As we settle into our new lives living in a country with a culture of its own, I hope I can share some tips I’ve learned on the way and take you on some adventures (I mean, how many people get to say they’ve lived in China!). We’ve already had quite the experiences in our short time here and are looking forward to taking advantage of future opportunities, so stay tuned for some updates!

2017 is the year for exploring, sharing, learning, and growing!

Here we go!

TOTE (Thought of the Entry):  Take advantage of opportunities.